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Dr. Connie J. Eaves, PhD, FRS(C)


Dr. Connie J. Eaves, PhD, FRS(C)
Distinguished Scientist, Terry Fox Laboratory,

BC Cancer Agency

• Professor, Medical Genetics, UBC
• Associate Member, Medicine, UBC
• Associate Member, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC


Tel:           604-675-8122
Fax:          604-877-0712
Address:  Terry Fox Laboratory,  BC Cancer Agency, 675 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC, Canada V5Z 1L3


Research Interest :

Experiments in this laboratory and elsewhere have established the existence in adults (both mouse and man) of primitive hematopoietic and breast stem cells capable of reconstituting these entire tissues. A major part of our work continues to focus on the development, validation and use of quantitative assays that are specific for biologically distinct subsets of these stem cells using syngeneic (mouse-mouse) and xenogeneic (human-mouse) hosts, and the application of these technologies to understand the biological events that allow malignant clones to develop and progress. Click here for details.


More Information: 

Visit Dr. Eaves' page on the Terry Fox Laboratory Website for publications list, personnel, and other details.