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Dr. Peter Stirling, PhD



Dr. Peter Stirling, PhD
Scientist, Terry Fox Laboratory

Professional Experience:

• Scientist, Terry Fox LaboratoryBC Cancer Agency (BCCA), Jan 2014 -
• Assistant Professor, Medical Genetics,University of British Columbia, Jan 2014 -

Tel: 604-675-8137
Fax: 604-877-0712
Address: Terry Fox Laboratory,BC Cancer Agency, 675 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC, Canada V5Z 1L3


Peter Stirling low-res     

Research Interest :

My lab is using functional genomics, molecular biology and model organism genetics to study fundamental mechanisms of genome maintenance and stability. Failure to maintain genome integrity leads to mutations that can lead to tumour formation. Individuals can therefore be disposed to cancer if they are exposed to carcinogens that overwhelm normal genome maintenance mechanisms, or if they harbour germline or somatic variants that create genomic instability. Our work is aimed at determining the causes of genomic instability as an enabling characteristic of tumour formation and exploring the potential of these early events to suggest novel therapeutic targets.  

More Information: 

Visit Dr. Stirling's page on the Terry Fox Laboratory Website for publication list, lab members, and other details.