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Terry Fox Laboratory

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Terry Fox Laboratory Mission: To fuel major improvements in cancer outcomes  through basic and translational research with a current focus on cancer stem cells.  

The faculty of the Terry Fox Laboratory comprise a group of experts with diverse backgrounds in biology and medicine and internationally recognized leadership in normal and leukemic stem cell investigations, innate and acquired immunity, embryo and tissue development, telomere biology and aging, signalling, genomics, live cell banking, cell separation, imaging and molecular analysis, and bioinformatics and data management. Strategies span a full range of studies from the investigation of model organisms to experiments with patient's cells and the initiation and laboratory support of clinical trials.

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Tel:  604-675-8120
Fax: 604-877-0712
Mailing address: 675 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC, V5Z 1L3, Canada. (map)