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Office of Research Facilitation -ORF Team


Karen Hagan, Grants Advisor


Karen started at the BC Cancer Agency in Finance- Research Accounting in 1998 and transitioned to PHSA-Research Accounting where she continued to monitor activity and financial reporting requirements for  BCCA research projects. Karen returned to the BC Cancer Agency to work at the BC Cancer Research Centre in the Department of Experimental Therapeutics in 2006. In 2010 Karen joined the Office of Research Facilitation in the role of Grants Advisor.

As a Grants Advisor Karen assists in  the coordination and  the administration of research proposals  & contracts at provincial level for BCCA. She  facilitates the pre-award & post-award processes by liasing with researchers, staff and Funders.  In  her role Karen  also fulfills Provincial reporting  requirements, coordinates Research Information Systems (RISe) and Research Metrics. She also monitors these databases  to ensure consistent management and reporting.


Contact information:

 Telephone: (604) 675-8251



Tina Nolan – Operations Manager ARC


As Operations Manager of the Animal Resource Center (ARC) Tina works to facilitate the BCCRC research community achieve their scientific goals by ensuring the highest standard of animal care, and compliance with regulatory bodies,  is maintained. Tina was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Animal Technology (UK) in 2006. Tina started her career in Dublin University, Trinity College where she worked with multiple species.  In 1994 Tina moved to Vancouver and joined Inex Pharmaceutical as Vivarium Supervisor. In 2000 Tina joined Inflazyme Pharmaceutical as Manager of the Animal Care Facility. Tina is a member of the UBC animal care committee. Tina has extensive experience in animal models of inflammation, pharmacokinetics, bio-distribution, safety toxicology and oncology.


To Facilitate the Research Activities of the BCCRC Scientists by:

  • Ensuring the optimal provision of resources.
  • Developing a Service Model, based on superior performance, success through teamwork and enhanced communication.
  • Operating the ARC in compliance with regulatory bodies, including PHSA, the Canadian Council on Animal Care, the UBC Animal Care Committee and National and International Funding agencies.
  • To work with the BCCRC Scientists to provide an atmosphere of trust and understanding to overcome obstacles and facilitate research.


Equipment maintenance is a critical component of high quality barrier facility. The generation of an SPF pathogen free environment to ensure the accurate interpretation of experimental results requires all equipment to be operating within specified parameters. All ARC equipment is being tested and upgraded to ensure the integrity of scientific research.

Staff Training

Well trained, qualified animal research technicians are a valuable resource to the scientific community. We are developing a career development pathway for the ARC staff and providing training and educational opportunities to allow them to become highly trained technical experts in a variety of technical procedures. The appointment of an Assistant Manager Technical Services in 2011 will enable the establishment of a comprehensive range of technical services and in-house training.

Quality Management

To ensure compliance with current regulations, including the UBC Animal Care Committee policies, the Canadian Council on Animal Care, and updating all SOPs in preparation for possible transition to GLP conditions.


Contact Information:

Tina Nolan F.I.A.T
Operations Manager ARC

Tel: (604) 675-7845



Karen Lemmen, Director, Research Administration and Operations


Karen is here to support and continue to grow with our research enterprise through making it more efficient, financially sustainable and generating more value: She will take on:

  • Risk-based cost containment strategies
  • New sources of financing
  • Leaner and consistent processes
  • Alignment of resources with programs
  • Establishment of best practices
  • Some projects include
  • Review and renegotiate service contracts
  • Streamline transaction processing
  • Review and improve capital assets management, financial planning and budgeting processes
  • Assist in the development new business models for existing


Karen can be reached at 604 675 8091 or


Greg Paliouras


 Radiation Safety Program:

  • agent of CRC, to the CNSC, with respect to all licensing matters
  • establish, implement and maintain the Radiation Safety Program
  • enforcement of regulations and licence conditions
  • ensure appropriate radiation safety training


Current projects:

  • assisting with development of new radioisotope area in the Animal Facility
  • assisting with the new cyclotron lab safety program
  • creation of new university-level Radiation Safety course
  • radiation safety training courses for isotopes, X-ray machines, MicroPET

Contact Greg Paliouras -  phone:604-675-8037


Elizabeth Hajen - Bio Safety


Lab Safety Program pertaining to:

  • biocontainment and biosafety
  • chemical and cytotoxics safety
  • occupational health
  • infection control
  • emergency management

Current projects:

  • Safety and incident database development with IT
  • First Aid Attendant program
  • Lab safety courses – Cytotoxics, Biohazards, Chemistry courses
  • Working Alone program


CONTACT:  Elizabeth Hajen  604-675-8037


Dubravko Pajalic


BCCRC IT supports:

  • All operating systems and platforms, needed for cancer research;
  • Computerized lab equipment for flow cytometry, cancer imaging, bioinformatics…. 
  • Statistical, bibliographic and other cancer research related software;
  • Network infrastructure (both wired and wireless) needed for the research facilities
  • Implements Gx practices and high security standards
  • Communication and data exchange tools such as email, WWW, FTP etc.
  • BCCRC IT provides support to many research groups, to mention only few: BC Generations Project; Oral Cancer Study: Lung Study

New projects:

  • Laboratory Safety Database;
  • Occurrence Management report;
  • Work Alone Alert System
  • We are in the constant process of expansion and consolidation of the research network throughout the province
    • Plan, design, deploy and maintain:
    • Unified
    • Managed
    • Reliable and accountable
    • Secure network infrastructure for cancer research across the province to maximize connectivity for internal users and research partners;
  • Generate proposals of network and computing related policies, guidelines and recommendations  for cancer research (senior scientists, lab managers); e.g. hardware and software purchase recommendations, WiFi usage policy etc…
  • Provide technical expertise and support for project planning and grant applications


Dubravko can be reached at