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Office of Research Administration an Operations -ORA Team

Dr. François Bénard, MD
Vice President, Research 
Tel: 604-675-8228


Carolyn Lui
Research Administrative Coordinator to the Vice President
Tel: 604-675-8109


Karen Lemmen 
Senior Director, Research Administration and Operations
Tel: 604-675-8091

Georgia Maniotakis

Manager, Research Administration and Operations

Tel: 604-675-8254 


Karen Hagan 
Grants Advisor, Research Administration
Tel: 604 675-8251
Greg Paliouras, PhD
Leader, Research Radiation Safety | Radiation Safety Officer
Tel: 604-675-8037  
Elizabeth Hajen 
Bio Safety Officer, Research Administration and Operations
Alexander Mogutnov
Director, Information Technology, Reseasrch Administration and Operations
Tel: 604-675-8193 
Tom Stodola
Leader, Research Building Operations
Debbie Mok
Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis, Reseasrch Administration and Operations
Tel: 604-675-8108 

Gayle Paquette, BSc., RVT, RMLAT, CMAR
Operations Manager, Animal Resource Centre
Tel: 604-675-8000 x 7845  

Caitlin Clugston
Reception, BC Cancer Research Administration and Operations
Tel: 604-675-8110