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Timon P. H. Buys, PhD

Graduate Student Alumni (Currently Project Manager with Drs. MacAulay and Follen)

TimonBuys   10th floor - 675 W.10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5Z1L3, Canada


  • BSc (Cell Biology and Genetics), University of British Columbia, 2001

  • PhD (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine), University of British Columbia, 2009

Research Interests

     My primary focus here at the BCCRC is looking for distinct genetic signatures predicting outcome and drug response for a variety of different cancer types (primarily lung cancer). This kind of work represents a key step towards personalized medicine (pharmacogenomics) and elimination of drug resistant tumor recurrence, greatly improving patient survival rates. 


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  • Garnis C, Buys TP, Lam WL (2004) Genetic Alteration and Gene Expression Modulation During Cancer Progression, Molecular Cancer, 3, 9:1-23.



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