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Jamil Manji

Graduate Student

Jamil Manji   10th floor - 675 W.10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5Z1L3, Canada


  • BSc (Honours), University of Western Ontario


Experimental Medicine, UBC

Research Interests  

    I am conducting clinical research into the development of new treatment approaches for patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS). Rhinosinusitis is a group of disorders characterized by inflammation of the mucosa of the nose and paranasal sinuses. CRS is rhinosinusitis of at least 12 consecutive weeks’ duration.


    CRS affects more than 3 million Canadians and is among the top 10 most commonly diagnosed medical conditions in Canada.  The fact that conventional oral antimicrobial therapy is frequently ineffective in eradicating bacteria in the biofilm form has led to the study of topical therapies. However, the use of antibiotics is not without risk, as there has been an increasing prevalence of bacterial resistance to antibiotics and there is always the possibility of allergic reactions. The need for novel therapies has renewed interest in natural products exhibiting antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties.


    My bench research includes identification of inflammatory cytokine profiles in CRS patients and quantitative analysis of biofilm colonies by confocal scanning laser microscopy using a PNA- FISH platform.