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Cathie Garnis, PhD

Senior Scientist - Genetics Unit, Integrative Oncology

20100729_CGarnis   Rm 10-122 ▪ 675 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., V5Z 1L3, Canada

Current Appointments

Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Division of Otolaryngology, University of British Columbia

Senior Scientist, Genetics Unit, Integrative Oncology Department, BC Cancer Research Centre


BSc (Cell Biology and Genetics), University of British Columbia, 2000
PhD (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine), University of British Columbia, 2005
Post-doctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008

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Research Interests

Our primary research interests are focused around head and neck malignancies. These are a group of biologically similar tumors originating from tissue of the upper aerodigestive tract, including the lip, oral cavity (mouth), nasal passages, paranasal sinuses, oropharynx, and larynx. More than 4,300 Canadians will be diagnosed with this type of cancer this year and approximately 1,600 of them will die from it.

Currently, histopathological criteria are the gold standard for grading and classifying many tumor types. In recent years it has become clear that cancers with very similar morphologies may have drastically different underlying gene changes. Given that cancer is a disease driven by accumulated gene changes, it is imperative that we determine which of these changes are associated with specific clinical parameters. This will ultimately give us insight into mechanisms driving observed clinical behaviors (chemoresistance, metastasis, etc.) and provide us with effective biomarkers for guiding treatment strategies.

At the Garnis Lab, we are using molecular profiles of head and neck malignancies to better understand the gene changes involved in initiation and progression of this disease. We are looking into dysregulation of the genome and transcriptome (including non-coding RNAs) to develop molecular stratifications for what is presently treated as a homogeneous disease.

In addition to analyzing tumor tissues, we are investigating the utility of surface epithelial markers and blood-based biomarkers for managing disease. Surface epithelial markers may arise due to malignancy-associated changes (MACs) in normal tissues and may be useful for detecting disease when tumors arise in inaccessible locations, such as tonsillar crypts, which is common in the oropharynx. Regarding blood-based biomarkers, we are presently examining the oncogenic impacts of microRNAs that are secreted via extracellular vesicles (such as exosomes). These factors may not only have utility as biomarkers for early detection or disease recurrence; they may also be exploitable as therapeutic targets..

Garnis Lab Members

Danielle Truong (Research Technician) -

James Lawson (Summer Student) -

Jamil Manji (Graduate Student) -

Marina Laissus (Visiting Scientist/Student) -

Mike Gorenchtein (Graduate Student) -

Rajan Saini (Post-doctoral Fellow) -

Rebecca Towle (Graduate Student)

Sara Maclellan (Graduate Student) -

Shevaun Hughes (Graduate Student) -


Students and Fellows

[To be updated.]


Angie Chu (Research Technician)

Razan Sheta (Research Technician)

Solene Debesson-Narce (Summer Student)

Garnis Lab Publications

Refereed Articles

Lawson J, Dickman C, Towle R, Jabalee J, Javer A, Garnis C. (2018). Extracellular vesicle secretion of miR-142-3p from lung adenocarcinoma cells induces tumor promoting changes in the stroma through cell-cell communication. Mol Carcinog. doi: 10.1002/mc.22935. [Epub ahead of print]

Manji J, Thamboo A, Tacey M, Garnis C, Chadha NK.  (2018) The presence of Interleukin-13 in nasal lavage may be a predictor of nasal polyposis in pediatric patients with cystic fibrosis. Rhinology,  56(3):261-267.

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