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Bradley P. Coe, PhD

Graduate Student Alumni & Research Associate (Currently postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Evan Eichler)   675 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., V5Z 1L3, Canada 

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Bradley Coe 

Research Interests

  • Genomics of Small Cell Lung Cancer
  • Technology Development
  • Bioinformatics
  • Sequencing and Microarrays

Lung cancer accounts for the majority of cancer deaths in Canada. 25% of the yearly cases can be attributed to a particular variant called Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC). Patients who are diagnosed with SCLC are presented with a very poor prognosis. In fact, only 10% of patients survive past 5 years. This survival statistic has seen little improvement over the past several decades and new targets for therapy and diagnosis of the disease are desperately needed.

Small Cell Lung Cancer has been a challenge to research study for two reasons. First, SCLC samples are difficult to obtain since they are rarely surgically resected. Secondly, the type of cell from which SCLC develops is not known, making it difficult to define normal gene expression (RNA) levels for comparison against that of the tumour. I will overcome the gene expression level problem by focussing on changes found in the DNA rather than the RNA found in SCLC cells. Most alterations in RNA levels can be traced to the gain or loss of the specific DNA segments which contain the instructions for producing the functional gene product. Analysis of DNA has the significant advantage that the source cell is not needed for establishing a baseline as any human tissue can be used. Sample acquisition has been arranged through collaboration with national and international groups that are experts in SCLC pathology.

In order to identify the genes which are specific to the aggressive nature of SCLC I will compare the DNA profiles I generate for SCLC with profiles I will generate for similar types of lung cancer which are less aggressive. This is made possible by a new genome comparison technology developed in our laboratory. I have developed bioinformatics tools to distinguish the alterations present in the less aggressive lung cancers. The outcome of this project will be a list of genes which may contribute to aggressiveness.

This list of genes will both serve to enhance our knowledge of the biology of SCLC as well as identify potential targets for future therapeutics. Additionally these alterations will immediately be utilizable as diagnostic markers to assist in the classification and diagnosis of this disease.

In addition to studying SCLC, my work also focuses on the continued development of array CGH and analysis tools for genomic and transcriptomic data to better understand the genomic status of tumours and normal samples. Recently I have begun to apply sequence based methodologies (SAGE and "Next-Gen Sequencing") to understanding the complex regulation of gene expression beyond what can be determined by microarray analysis, by incorporating the analysis of splice variants (novel and know), allele specific expression, mutations, and expression of novel sequences.  


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