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Angie Chu

Research Technician (BCCRC + UBC Div. of Otolaryngology: Temporal Bone Lab)

AngieChu 10th floor - 675 W.10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5Z1L3, Canada


  • BSc (Biochemistry), University of British Columbia, May 2010


   As a research technician in the Garnis Lab, I am responsible for various molecular biology experiments associated with the ongoing head and neck oncology research occuring in this lab.  It is also my duty to maintain and order supplies to support this work.  Concurrently, I am also working as a technician for the Temporal Bone Lab of the UBC Division of Otolaryngology, which is located at Vancouver General Hospital.  Much of my work in this second role involves harvesting bone material for lab courses associated with this lab.