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Mladen Korbelik, PhD

Distinguished Scientist - Imaging Unit - Integrative Oncology   Rm 6-112 ▪ 675 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., V5Z 1L3, Canada

 Current Appointments:Mladen

Distinguished Scientist - Imaging Unit, Integrative Oncology - BC Cancer Agency

Clinical Professor – Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – University of British Columbia

 Members of the lab:

Wei Zhang

Soroush Merchant

Research Interests:

Dr. Mladen Korbelik (Ph.D. Biology, 1979) has first participated in the work of B.C. Cancer Research Centre as a postdoctoral student (1980-1982), and has been continuously on scientific staff since 1987.  His main research interest focuses on host responses to tumor trauma-inflicting therapy.  Unlike cancer therapies targeting DNA (including radiotherapy and classical chemotherapy) that produce no immediate cancer cell death, treatment modalities such as hyperthermia, photodynamic therapy (PDT), cryotherapy, or sonodynamic therapy result in a rapid tumor cell killing and are experienced by the host as a localized trauma.  The insult they inflict provokes the host to launch protective actions evolved for dealing with threat to tissue integrity and homeostasis at the affected site.  This is dominated by a strong tumor-concentrated acute inflammatory reaction that can lead to a breakdown of tumor immunotolerance and development of immune response against the treated tumor.  In his research, Dr. Korbelik’s works on characterizing host responses elicited by PDT of solid tumors; in addition to inflammatory and antitumor innate and adaptive immune responses this includes the associated acute phase response and participation of hormonal and neural systems.  One of principal aims of this research is finding optimal strategies for exploiting the potentials presented by the engagement of these host responses, which has resulted in identifying immunotherapy treatments that potentiate PDT-mediated tumor cures.  One specific application of considerable interest is the development of PDT-generated cancer vaccines.  Dr. Korbelik is also interested in the development of hyperthermia using laser-treated nanoparticles and establishment of sonodynamic therapy.



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