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Martial Guillaud, PhD

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Research Scientist - Imaging Unit, Integrative Oncology Adjunct Professor, Department of Statistics, Unversity of British Columbia

Rm 6-122 ▪ 675 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., V5Z 1L3, Canada


  • Team

Jagoda Korbelic

Anita Carraro

Alan Harisson

Zhaoyang Chen

Monica Lee


Fahime Sheikhzadeh, PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering Program, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineerin

        • 1989 Cellular Biology (Animal GeneticS) Msc
        • 1990 Informatics and Statistics - Technology Degree 
        • 1993 Biomedical Engineering - PhD



        • Instruction in data analysis and in computers at the Joseph Fourier University (Biological Sciences) and Stendhal University (Social Sciences).
        • Instruction in Image analysis (statistics) for the French Institute National of Health and Medical Research (INSERM)


A. Research Projects

We are interest in understand the relationship an date causality between molecular changes/perturbation and their phenotypic effects, at the nuclear, cellular, or tissular level.

     1- Oral cancer

In collaboration with Dr Catherine  Poh and Dr Miriam Rosin, we have been developing imaged-based technology to quantify changes occurring in oral pre-neoplasic lesions. 

     2- Cervical  Cancer

As part of two consecutive Po1 NIH grants, we have been developing, validating and testing optical and imaging technologies for the screening, detection and management of cervical pre-neoplastic lesions. Theses international multi-centers clinical trials are being conducting at the Vancouver General Hospital ,Vancouver, at the  MD Anderson Cancer Research Centre, and in the last year at the El Paso in Texas under the supervision of Dr Michele Follen and Dr Calum MAcAulay.

     3- Prostate Cancer 

     4- Breast  Cancer

We have initiating a collaboration with Dr Celia Marginean and Dr Soufiane El Hallani from the University of Ottawa, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine to investigate the potential of image cytometry and QTP as a new diagnostic test in Barrett's Eosophagus lesions

    5- Barrett's esophagus

    5. Skin Epithelium

As part of a collaborative project with Dr Georgios Stamatas from Johnson&Johnson,Paris, we are investigating the topological and geometrical changes occurring in the early years in the infant skin epithelium using non invasive reflectance microscopy.





B. Technology

We have been developing a suite of algorithm for the imaging, processing and statistical classification of cytological and histological specimens. 

This suite is available for research only under recherché agreement for any academic use.

B.1 DUnit

B.2 Jclass

B.3 Asterics

B.4 Idefics Modeling Platform





Refereed Journals

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