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Arman Rahmim, PhD, DABSNM

Senior Scientist - Imaging Unit, Integrative Oncology


BC Cancer Research Centre

Imaging Unit, Integrative Oncology

Room 5.114 (office)

675 W. 10th Ave.

Vancouver, BC  V5Z 1L3

Telephone: 604.675.8262  Fax: 604.675.8099

Arman photo

Research Website

Rahmim Lab Website


Senior Scientist, Integrative Oncology, BC Cancer Research Centre

Provincial Medical Imaging Physicist, PET Functional Imaging, BC Cancer Agency

Associate Professor of Radiology and Physics, University of British Columbia


Ph.D., Medical Physics, University of British Columbia, 2005

M.Sc., Condensed Matter Physics, University of British Columbia, 2001

B.Sc., Combined Honors Physics and Mathematics, University of British Columbia, 1999

Brief Bio

Dr. Rahmim is Associate Professor of Radiology and Physics & Astronomy, Faculties of Medicine and Science at the University of British Columbia and Senior Scientist and Provincial Medical Imaging Physicist at BC Cancer Agency. He received his MSc in Condensed Matter Physics and PhD in Medical Imaging Physics at UBC. Following his doctoral studies, he was recruited by Johns Hopkins University (JHU) to lead the High Resolution Brain PET Imaging Physics Program and pursue research at the JHU Department of Radiology. In 2018, he was recruited back to Vancouver where he conducts research in image generation and analysis, machine learning, radiomics and radionuclide therapy. He has published over 110 journal articles and 220 conference proceeding papers/abstracts, and has delivered more than 50 invited lectures worldwide. He has participated as principal investigator or co-investigator on a range of grants towards quantitative tomographic imaging, including translation to clinical applications. Dr. Rahmim was elected as IEEE Senior Member in 2012, is President of the Physics, Instrumentation and Data Sciences (PIDS) Council of the Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), and was awarded the John S. Laughlin Young Scientist Award by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) in 2016.

Publications - Last 5 years

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