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Tetyana Denyssevyche, Ph.D




1.      Berezhnaya NM, Kovalchuk EV, Denyssevych TV, The growth peculiarities of human and mouse tumor explants and isolated tumor cells under the influence of different nature immunomodulators. Experimental Oncology 6(18)96: 415-419 [abstr. In English] (1996).



2.      Denyssevych TV, et al.. The influence of synthetic aminoglycocongugates on the aggregation ability and metastatic potential of tumor cells. Experimental Oncology 2(17)95: 111-117 [abstr. In English] (1995).

3.      Denyssevych TV, et al.. Modification effects of aminoglycoconjugates on the functional activity of lymphocytes. Experimental Oncology 3(17)95: 199-206 [abstr. In English] (1995).



4.      Semenova-Kobzar RA, Denyssevych TV, et al.. The influence of glycoamines from the blood serum and their synthetic analogs on aggreagtion properties of human thyroid gland cancer cells. Experimental Oncology 2-3(16)94: 159-163 [abstr. In English]. (1994).

5.      Denyssevych TV, et al.. Characterization of a novel malignant B cell line established from patient with follicular small cleaved cell lymphoma. [in preparation for submission to Experimental Hematology] ().

6.      Denyssevych TV, et al.. Evaluation of drug sensitivity profile in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma . [in preparation for submission to Leukemia and Lymphoma] ().


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