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Richard Klassa

Peer-Reviewed Papers


Peer-Reviewed Papers | Publications



1.      Belch A, Kouroukis CT, Crump M, Sehn L, Gascoyne RD, Klasa R, Powers J, Wright J, Eisenhauer EA. A phase II study of bortezomib in mantle cell lymphoma: the National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group trial IND.150. Ann Oncol. 18(1):116-21. Epub 2006 Sep 13. (2007).

2.      Sehn LH, Berry B, Chhanabhai M, Fitzgerald C, Gill K, Hoskins P, Klasa R, Savage KJ, Shenkier T, Sutherland J, Gascoyne RD, Connors JM. The revised International Prognostic Index (R-IPI) is a better predictor of outcome than the standard IPI for patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma treated with R-CHOP. Blood. 109(5):1857-61. Epub 2006 Nov 14. (2007).



3.      Savage KJ, Al-Rajhi N, Voss N, Paltiel C, Klasa R, Gascoyne RD, Connors JM. Favorable outcome of primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma in a single institution: the British Columbia experience. Ann Oncol. 17(1):123-30. Epub 2005 Oct 19. (2006).

4.      Tucker CA, Bebb G, Klasa RJ, Chhanabhai M, Lestou V, Horsman DE, Gascoyne RD, Wiestner A, Masin D, Bally M, Williams ME. Four human t(11;14)(q13;q32)-containing cell lines having classic and variant features of Mantle Cell Lymphoma. Leuk Res. 30(4):449-57. Epub 2005 Sep 23. (2006).

5.      Waterhouse DN, Gelmon KA, Klasa R, Chi K, Huntsman D, Ramsay E, Wasan E, Edwards L, Tucker C, Zastre J, Wang YZ, Yapp D, Dragowska W, Dunn S, Dedhar S, Bally MB. Development and assessment of conventional and targeted drug combinations for use in the treatment of aggressive breast cancers. Curr Cancer Drug Targets. 6(6):455-89. (2006).

6.      van Oers MH, Klasa R, Marcus RE, Wolf M, Kimby E, Gascoyne RD, Jack A, Van't Veer M, Vranovsky A, Holte H, van Glabbeke M, Teodorovic I, Rozewicz C, Hagenbeek A. Rituximab maintenance improves clinical outcome of relapsed/resistant follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma in patients both with and without rituximab during induction: results of a prospective randomized phase 3 intergroup trial. Blood. 108(10):3295-301. Epub 2006 Jul 27. (2006).



7.      Au WY, Gascoyne RD, Klasa RD, Connors JM, Gallagher RP, Le ND, Loong F, Law CK, Liang R. Incidence and spectrum of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Chinese migrants to British Columbia. Br J Haematol. 128(6):792-6. (2005).

8.      Farinha P, Masoudi H, Skinnider BF, Shumansky K, Spinelli JJ, Gill K, Klasa R, Voss N, Connors JM, Gascoyne RD. Analysis of multiple biomarkers shows that lymphoma-associated macrophage (LAM) content is an independent predictor of survival in follicular lymphoma (FL). Blood. 106(6):2169-74. Epub 2005 Jun 2. (2005).

9.      Knezevich S, Ludkovski O, Salski C, Lestou V, Chhanabhai M, Lam W, Klasa R, Connors JM, Dyer MJ, Gascoyne RD, Horsman DE. Concurrent translocation of BCL2 and MYC with a single immunoglobulin locus in high-grade B-cell lymphomas. Leukemia. 19(4):659-63. (2005).

10.  Sehn LH, Donaldson J, Chhanabhai M, Fitzgerald C, Gill K, Klasa R, MacPherson N, O'Reilly S, Spinelli JJ, Sutherland J, Wilson KS, Gascoyne RD, Connors JM. Introduction of combined CHOP plus rituximab therapy dramatically improved outcome of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in British Columbia. J Clin Oncol. 23(22):5027-33. Epub 2005 Jun 13. (2005).

11.  Shenkier TN, Voss N, Chhanabhai M, Fairey R, Gascoyne RD, Hoskins P, Klasa R, Morris J, O'Reilly SE, Pickles T, Sehn L, Connors JM. The treatment of primary central nervous system lymphoma in 122 immunocompetent patients: a population-based study of successively treated cohorts from the British Colombia Cancer Agency. Cancer. 103(5):1008-17. (2005).



12.  Au WY, Gascoyne RD, Gallagher RE, Le N, Klasa RD, Liang RH, Choy C, Foo W, Connors JM. Hodgkin's lymphoma in Chinese migrants to British Columbia: a 25-year survey. Ann Oncol. 15(4):626-30. (2004).

13.  Au WY, Horsman DE, Gascoyne RD, Viswanatha DS, Klasa RJ, Connors JM. The spectrum of lymphoma with 8q24 aberrations: a clinical, pathological and cytogenetic study of 87 consecutive cases. Leuk Lymphoma. 45(3):519-28. (2004).

14.  Henderson LJ, Okamoto I, Lestou VS, Ludkovski O, Robichaud M, Chhanabhai M, Gascoyne RD, Klasa RJ, Connors JM, Marra MA, Horsman DE, Lam WL. Delineation of a minimal region of deletion at 6q16.3 in follicular lymphoma and construction of a bacterial artificial chromosome contig spanning a 6-megabase region of 6q16-q21. Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 40(1):60-5. (2004).

15.  Klasa RJ. Targeting the proapoptotic factor Bcl-2 in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Oncology (Williston Park). 18(13 Suppl 10):25-31. (2004).



16.  Leitch HA, Gascoyne RD, Chhanabhai M, Voss NJ, Klasa R, Connors JM. Limited-stage mantle-cell lymphoma. Ann Oncol. 14(10):1555-61. (2003).

17.  Lestou VS, Gascoyne RD, Sehn L, Ludkovski O, Chhanabhai M, Klasa RJ, Husson H, Freedman AS, Connors JM, Horsman DE. Multicolour fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis of t(14;18)-positive follicular lymphoma and correlation with gene expression data and clinical outcome. Br J Haematol. 122(5):745-59. (2003).

18.  Zucca E, Conconi A, Mughal TI, Sarris AH, Seymour JF, Vitolo U, Klasa R, Ozsahin M, Mead GM, Gianni MA, Cortelazzo S, Ferreri AJ, Ambrosetti A, Martelli M, Thieblemont C, Moreno HG, Pinotti G, Martinelli G, Mozzana R, Grisanti S, Provencio M, Balzarotti M, Laveder F, Oltean G, Callea V, Roy P, Cavalli F, Gospodarowicz MK. Patterns of outcome and prognostic factors in primary large-cell lymphoma of the testis in a survey by the International Extranodal Lymphoma Study Group. J Clin Oncol. 21(1):20-7. (2003).



19.  Au WY, Gascoyne RD, Viswanatha DS, Connors JM, Klasa RJ, Horsman DE. Cytogenetic analysis in mantle cell lymphoma: a review of 214 cases. Leuk Lymphoma. 43(4):783-91. (2002).

20.  Au WY, Horsman DE, Connors JM, Klasa RJ, Gascoyne RD. Cytogenetic findings in reactive lymphoid hyperplasia: significance of non-clonal t(3;14) and t(3;22). Am J Hematol. 70(2):133-8. (2002).

21.  Au WY, Horsman DE, Ohno H, Klasa RJ, Gascoyne RD. Bcl-3/IgH translocation (14;19)(q32;q13) in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas. Leuk Lymphoma. 43(4):813-6. (2002).

22.  Klasa RJ, Gillum AM, Klem RE, Frankel SR. Oblimersen Bcl-2 antisense: facilitating apoptosis in anticancer treatment. Antisense Nucleic Acid Drug Dev. 12(3):193-213. (2002).

23.  Klasa RJ, Meyer RM, Shustik C, Sawka CA, Smith A, Guevin R, Maksymiuk A, Rubinger M, Samosh M, Laplante S, Grenier JF. Randomized phase III study of fludarabine phosphate versus cyclophosphamide, vincristine, and prednisone in patients with recurrent low-grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma previously treated with an alkylating agent or alkylator-containing regimen. J Clin Oncol. 20(24):4649-54. (2002).

24.  Shenkier TN, Voss N, Fairey R, Gascoyne RD, Hoskins P, Klasa R, Klimo P, O'Reilly SE, Sutcliffe S, Connors JM. Brief chemotherapy and involved-region irradiation for limited-stage diffuse large-cell lymphoma: an 18-year experience from the British Columbia Cancer Agency. J Clin Oncol. 20(1):197-204. (2002).

25.  Wasan EK, Waterhouse D, Sivak O, Bally MB, Klasa RJ, Wasan KM. Plasma protein binding, lipoprotein distribution and uptake of free and lipid-associated BCL-2 antisense oligodeoxynucleotides (G3139) in human melanoma cells. Int J Pharm. 241(1):57-64. (2002).



26.  Chi KN, Gleave ME, Klasa R, Murray N, Bryce C, Lopes de Menezes DE, D'Aloisio S, Tolcher AW. A phase I dose-finding study of combined treatment with an antisense Bcl-2 oligonucleotide (Genasense) and mitoxantrone in patients with metastatic hormone-refractory prostate cancer. Clin Cancer Res. 7(12):3920-7. (2001).

27.  Klasa RJ, List AF, Cheson BD. Rational approaches to design of therapeutics targeting molecular markers. Hematology Am Soc Hematol Educ Program. :443-62. (2001).



28.  Au WY, Horsman DE, Viswanatha DS, Connors JM, Klasa RJ, Gascoyne RD. 8q24 translocations in blastic transformation of mantle cell lymphoma. Haematologica. 85(11):1225-7. (2000).

29.  Klasa RJ, Bally MB, Ng R, Goldie JH, Gascoyne RD, Wong FM. Eradication of human non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in SCID mice by BCL-2 antisense oligonucleotides combined with low-dose cyclophosphamide. Clin Cancer Res. 6(6):2492-500. (2000).



30.  Au WY, Gascoyne RD, Le N, Viswanatha DS, Klasa RJ, Gallagher R, Connors JM. Incidence of second neoplasms in patients with MALT lymphoma: no increase in risk above the background population. Ann Oncol. 10(3):317-21. (1999).

31.  Au WY, Gascoyne RD, Viswanatha DS, Skinnider BF, Connors JM, Klasa RJ, Horsman DE. Concurrent chromosomal alterations at 3q27, 8q24 and 18q21 in B-cell lymphomas. Br J Haematol. 105(2):437-40. (1999).

32.  Goss P, Stewart AK, Couture F, Klasa R, Gluck S, Kaizer L, Burkes R, Charpentier D, Palmer M, Tye L, Dulude H. Combined results of two phase II studies of Taxol (paclitaxel) in patients with relapsed or refractory lymphomas. Leuk Lymphoma. 34(3-4):295-304. (1999).

33.  Macpherson N, Lesack D, Klasa R, Horsman D, Connors JM, Barnett M, Gascoyne RD. Small noncleaved, non-Burkitt's (Burkit-Like) lymphoma: cytogenetics predict outcome and reflect clinical presentation. J Clin Oncol. 17(5):1558-67. (1999).



34.  Au WY, Klasa RJ, Gallagher R, Le N, Gascoyne RD, Connors JM. Second malignancies in patients with hairy cell leukemia in british columbia: a 20-year experience. Blood. 92(4):1160-4. (1998).

35.  Chhanabhai M, Britten C, Klasa R, Gascoyne RD. t(2;5) positive lymphoma with peripheral blood involvement. Leuk Lymphoma. 28(3-4):415-22. (1998).

36.  Connors JM, Klasa R. Treatment of follicular lymphoma. Curr Opin Oncol. 10(5):392-5. (1998).

37.  James GK, Horsman D, Connors JM, Klasa R, Wilson K, Argatoff L, Gascoyne RD. Clinicopathological analysis of follicular lymphoma with a polyploid karyotype. Leuk Lymphoma. 28(3-4):383-9. (1998).



38.  Argatoff LH, Connors JM, Klasa RJ, Horsman DE, Gascoyne RD. Mantle cell lymphoma: a clinicopathologic study of 80 cases. Blood. 89(6):2067-78. (1997).

39.  Hoskins PJ, Le N, Gascoyne RD, Klasa R, Shenkier T, O'Reilly S, Connors JM. Advanced diffuse large-cell lymphoma treated with 12-week combination chemotherapy: natural history of relapse after initial complete response and prognostic variables defining outcome after relapse. Ann Oncol. 8(11):1125-32. (1997).

40.  O'Reilly SE, Connors JM, Macpherson N, Klasa R, Hoskins P. Malignant lymphomas in the elderly. Clin Geriatr Med. 13(2):251-63. (1997).



41.  Silver HKB, Klasa RJ, Bally MB. Genetic allogenization of malignant melanoma. Transfus Sci. 17(1):169-74. (1996).



42.  Belch AR, Eisenhauer EA, Muldal A, Browman G, Klasa R, Osterwalder B. Phase II study of subcutaneous rHu-interleukin-2 and rHu-interferon alpha-2a in previously treated patients with multiple myeloma. Ann Oncol. 6(7):721-3. (1995).

43.  Reece DE, Barnett MJ, Shepherd JD, Hogge DE, Klasa RJ, Nantel SH, Sutherland HJ, Klingemann HG, Fairey RN, Voss NJ, et al.. High-dose cyclophosphamide, carmustine (BCNU), and etoposide (VP16-213) with or without cisplatin (CBV +/- P) and autologous transplantation for patients with Hodgkin's disease who fail to enter a complete remission after combination chemotherapy. Blood. 86(2):451-6. (1995).



44.  Silver HKB, Klasa RJ. Clinical strategies and expectations for the molecular biotherapy of cancer. World Scientific Publishing Co. 5-19. (1994).



45.  O'Reilly SE, Connors JM, Howdle S, Hoskins P, Klasa R, Klimo P, Stuart DS. In search of an optimal regimen for elderly patients with advanced-stage diffuse large-cell lymphoma: results of a phase II study of P/DOCE chemotherapy. J Clin Oncol. 11(11):2250-7. (1993).



46.  Horsman D, Gascoyne R, Klasa R, Coupland R. t(11;18)(q21;q21.1): a recurring translocation in lymphomas of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT)? Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 4(2):183-7. (1992).



47.  Klasa RJ, Murray N, Coldman AJ. Dose-intensity meta-analysis of chemotherapy regimens in small-cell carcinoma of the lung. J Clin Oncol. 9(3):499-508. (1991).



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50.  Silver HK, Klasa RJ. The biological basis for interleukin-2 anticancer therapy. Prog Clin Biol Res. 354B:37-52. (1990).

51.  Silver HKB, Klasa RJ. Therapeutic Opportunities for Interleukin 2. Parthenon Inc. 77-92. (1990).


52.  Klasa R, Silver HKB. Interferons, interleukins and the new biology in cancer therapy. Medicine (North America). 29:5393-8. (1989).



53.  Klasa RJ, Abboud RT, Ballon HS, Grossman L. Goodpasture's syndrome: recurrence after a five-year remission. Case report and review of the literature. Am J Med. 84(4):751-5. (1988).



Peer-Reviewed Papers | Publications


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6.      Klasa RJ, Silver HKB, Kong S.. Cancer Research 50:4906-4910 (1990).

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