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Dr. Juergen Vielkind



Publications; Books (and Chapters)


1.    Kazianis S, Morizot DC, Coletta LD, Johnston DA, Woolcock B, Vielkind JR, Nairn RS. Comparative structure and characterization of a CDKN2 gene in a Xiphophorus fish melanoma model. Oncogene 18(36):5088-99. (1999).



2.    Tron VA, Crawford R, Vielkind JR. The melanoma-specific XMEL antigen is expressed in dysplatic naevi Melanoma Res 7: 209-213 (1997).

3.    Vielkind JR, Huhn K, Tron VA. The Xiphophorus-derived antibody, XMEL, shows sensitivity and specificity for human cutaneous melanoma but is not a prognostic marker. J Cutan Pathol 24(10):620-7. (1997).



4.    Harless J, Obermoeller RD, Walter RB, Svensson R, Nairn RS, Vielkind JR, Kallman KD, Morizot DC. Characterization of a tyrosine kinase-peptidase A synteny in linkage group XIII of Xiphophorus fishes (Teleostei: Poeciliidae): implications for vertebrate chromosome evolution. J Hered 86(3):235-40. (1995).


5.    Sadaghiani B, Crawford BJ, Vielkind JR. Generation of poly- and mono-clonal antibodies against trout fibronectin (FN) and their use in FN immunodetection in teleost fishes. Biochem Cell Biol 72(7-8):343-8. (1994).

6.    Woolcock BW, Schmidt BM, Kallman KD, Vielkind JR. Differences in transcription and promotors of Xmrk-1 and Xmrk-2 genes suggest a role for Xmrk-2 in pigment pattern development in the platyfish, Xiphophorus maculatus Cell Growth Differ 5: 575-583 (1994).


7.    Rennie PS, Mawji NR, Coldman AJ, Godolphin W, Jones EC, Vielkind JR, Bruchovsky N. Relationship between variant forms of estrogen receptor RNA and an apoptosis-related RNA, TRPM-2, with survival in patients with breast cancer. Cancer 72(12):3648-54. (1993).

8.    Vielkind JR, Tron VA, Schmidt BM, Dougherty GJ, Ho VC, Woolcock BW, Sadaghiani B, Smith C. A putative marker for human melanoma - A monoclonal antibody derived from the melanoma gene of the Xiphophorus melanoma model Am J Pathol 143: 656-662 (1993).



9.    Gong Z, Hew CL, Vielkind JR. Functional analysis and temporal expression of promoter regions from fish antifreeze protein genes in transgenic Japanese medaka embryos. Mol Mar Biol Biotechnol 1(1):64-72. (1991).

10. Winkler C, Vielkind JR, Schartl M. Transient expression of foreign DNA during embryonic and larval development of the medaka fish (Oryzias latipes). Mol Gen Genet 226(1-2):129-40. (1991).


11. Sadaghiani B, Vielkind JR. Distribution and migration pathways of HNK-1-immunoreactive neural crest cells in teleost fish embryos. Development 110(1):197-209. (1990).

12. Stuart GW, Vielkind JR, McMurray JV, Westerfield M. Stable lines of transgenic zebrafish exhibit reproducible patterns of transgene expression. Development 109(3):577-84. (1990).


13. Vielkind JR, Vogel KS. Gene transfer and expression studies in cultured avian neural crest cells differentiating into melanocytes. Pigment Cell Res 2(1):44-52. (1989).



14. Vielkind U, Vielkind JR. Culture of embryos and cells from platyfish and swordtails for carcinogenicity testing and studies on melanoma formation. Natl Cancer Inst Monogr 65:179-83. (1984).


Books (and Chapters)


Publications; Books (and Chapters)


1.    Vielkind JR. Progression from Pigment Cell Patterns to Melanomas in Platyfish/Swordtail Hybrids - Multiple Genetic Changes and a Theme for Tumorigenesis. In: Milo G, Casto B, Shuler, C, editors. Transformation of Human Epithelial Cells: Molecular and Oncogenetic Mechanisms, Chapter 12. CRC Press, Baton Rouge. p 285-301. (1992).


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