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Nur Ridzwan Nur Saidy

Co-op Student

Tel: 604-675-8000 ext. 7024

Fax: 604-675-8183


  • BSc,  Biotechnology, University of British Columbia, 2016

    Research Interests:

    At BCCRC, my role is to develop a prognostic micro-RNA signature for prostate cancer patients. My job will be to analyze the RNA sequencing data (whole transcriptome analysis) from RNA extracted from plasma/paraffin-embedded tissue in primary prostate cancer patients.  The analysis will be further extended to patient data, including advanced statistical analyses and molecular pathway analyses.


    Personal Interests:

    I had the pleasure to work, as a research trainee, at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore in the summer of 2013. During my time there, I found my interest cancer research and, for the moment, consider it as the research I would like to continue in the near future.


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