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Tetyana Denyssevych, Ph.D

Tel: 604-675-8000 ext. 7026

Fax: 604-675-8183


  • Research and Laboratory Technician
  • PhD (Oncology), Kavetskiy Institution of Oncology Problems, Kiev, Ukraine, 1995; Master Degree (Immunology), Kiev State University, 1991



Research Interests:

Functional Assessment of Multidrug Resistance in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Patients
Although the majority of high and intermediate grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients display major or complete response to chemotherapy, a significant proportion of these patients will relapse after initial therapy and become refractory to a wide range of chemotherapeutic agents. Therefore understanding the inherent and acquired mechanisms associated with the expression of this multidrug resistance phenomenon is important for identifying ways, in which the treatment of patients exhibiting MDR lymphomas may be better managed. The goal of this study is to develop appropriate and reliable in vitro systems that will allow analyses of various MDR mechanisms ( PGP, bcl-2, MRP, GST), both phenotypically and functionally, in short-term primary cultures of viable lymphoma patient samples. Once the culture and assay conditions have been established the attempts to identify early indications of relationships between phenotypic and functional expression of specific MDR mechanisms will be made. These data will provide information concerning the prevalence and activity of specific MDR mechanisms in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients and help identify patients that may benefit from experimental treatments with modulators of specific resistance processes