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Corinna Warburton, Ph.D

Tel:  604-675-8000 ext. 7026

Fax: 604-675-8183


Research Interests:

Combination treatment strategies for aggressive breast cancer

My primary responsibility lies in the support of the Clinical Trials arm of AT's IDP group. In tight interaction with the clinic and pharmaceutical companies, we assure correct and timely processing, documentation and shipping of clinical samples. The contact with cancer patients is rewarding and serves as a reminder how the quality of our laboratory research will have a direct impact on cancer treatment.
My research interests focus on combination treatment strategies. Past work involved the development and characterization of a mouse xenograft model for HER-2/neu overexpressing breast cancer. This model is currently used to evaluate combination therapies on solid tumours as well as treatment of metastatic disease.
Further, I support the operations of AT's tissue culture facility by monitoring the genomic and phenotypic continuity of cancer cell lines. My technical role allows me to be involved in a variety of additional exciting projects as well as operations.


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