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Dr. Emma (Tomlinson) Guns, Ph.D


The Prostate Centre

Tel: 604-875-4818

Fax: 604-875-5654



Research Interests:

I head the Analytical Pharmacology Core (APC) and Natural Products Research Program at the Prostate Centre. APC conducts analytical liquid chromatography (LC), gas chromatography (GC) and mass spectral technology to support translational research of small molecules and biologics. My lab primarily functions as a core facility at The Prostate Centre for the identification and quantitation of both xenobiotics (drugs and natural substances) and metabolites (steroids as well as xenobiotic metabolites). APC carries out both industrially and grant funded pharmacokinetic analyses for local clinical trials with conventional therapeutics for the treatment of prostate cancer. The focus of The Natural Products Research Program is orientated around the use of naturally derived therapies, health products and dietary supplements in prostate cancer and my research team is currently investigating several compounds/extracts of interest in prostate tumour models to examine their pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution, toxicity, metabolism and molecular mechanism of the action. Product quality as well as the concurrent use of natural products with conventional chemotherapeutics/treatment strategies are also being investigated to discern both beneficial and adverse interactions.


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