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Zhi Qiang Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Zhi Qiang Wang


Contact:  Tel: 250-519-5737
               Fax: 250-519-2040


Research Interests

 Research into the inflammatory derived cytokine that may lead to ER resistance in breast cancer can inspire future therapeutic strategies.  In the Watson Lab, I am studying OSM, which is relatively less studied but is likely a better target than cytokines like IL-6 because its signalling network is less complex and its production in tumors is predominantly from intra-tumoral immune cells; also we are studying S100A7 a protein whose levels are highly increased in preinvasive breast cancer.  S100A7 is associated with hard to treat breast tumors and poor prognosis.  S100A7 is also associated with inflammation and the immune response.  My current project aims at understanding whether the interaction oncostatin M (OSM) and other Intra-tumoral inflammation-derived cytokines, suppress Estrogen Receptor (ER alpha) promoting progression and resistance to endocrine therapy, and induce S100A7 contributing to tumor progression in a mouse model. With a better understanding of OSM and S100A7 function we may be able to identify a novel pathway that can be targeted by new breast cancer therapies.