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Victoria Hodgson

Victoria Hodgson


Research Assistant II

Education:   Major in Biochemistry (co-op) minor biology, University of Victoria, 2014
Tel:     250-519-5706
Fax:    250-519-2040

Research Interests: Immunotherapy, T-cell adoptive therapy

Immunotherapy boosts the patient’s immune system to help combat their disease. At the DRC, we are constructing a facility where patients’ own immune cells will be cultured, expanded, and re-infused back into their bodies to fight their cancer. Victoria recently joined the DRC with a primary interest in the development of this program during its clinical trials phase. As a recent graduate from the University of Victoria, Victoria brings enthusiasm to both the research of leading immunotherapy methods happening at the DRC and the production of patient derived immunotherapy material.  Victoria’s background includes research for Agriculture and Agrifoods Canada, research for industry in Japan, lab assistant at the University of Victoria, and a passion for health and wellness as a fitness and first aid instructor.