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Radiation and Cancer Immunotherapy Theme (RCIT)

Radiation and Cancer Immunotherapy Theme:


A multidisciplinary team of BCCA-VIC radiation oncologists and immunologists from the Deeley Research Centre with the goal of developing a translational research program that will identify new, more effective therapies for the management of patients with prostate cancer. This group has been working together since 2001 and was identified as a VIRAD theme in 2010.


Key Projects:

  • Study how hormone ablation and radiation therapy affect the immune system

  • Understand the impact of the immune response in the control of prostate cancer

  • Identify immune modulators that can be integrated with standard therapies to improve the outcomes of patients with prostate cancer



Project Members:


Paul Blood, MD PhD, Radiation Oncology

Julian Lum, PhD, Deeley Research Centre



Abe Alexander, MD, Radiation Oncology

Wayne Beckham, PhD, Medical Physics

Lisa Johnson, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Howard Pai, MD, Radiation Oncology