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Lisa Johnson, PhD

Peer-Reviewed Papers


  • Tran E, Nielsen JS, Wick DA, Ng AV, Johnson LD, Nesslinger NJ, McMurtrie E, Webb JR, Nelson BH.  Polyfunctional T-cell responses are disrupted by the ovarian cancer ascites environment and only partially restored by clinically relevant cytokines. PLoS ONE 5(12): e15625 (Dec 2010). [PubMed - 21203522]
  • Johnson, L.D.S. and Jameson S.C. Self-Specific CD8+ T cells Undergo Intense Homeostatic Proliferation, but Maintain a Semi-Naïve State in Common-γ Chain Deficient Hosts. Journal of Immunology. 2010. 184: 5604-5611.[PubMed - 20393139]


  • Johnson, L.D.S. and Jameson S.C. A Chronic Need for IL-21. Science. 2009. 324: 1525-1526. [PubMed – 19541985]
  • Haluszczak, C., A.D. Akue, S.E. Hamilton, L.D.S. Johnson, L. Pujanauski, L. Teodorovic, S.C. Jameson, and R.M. Kedl. The antigen-specific CD8+ T cell repertoire in unimmunized mice includes memory phenotype cells bearing markers of homeostatic expansion. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 2009. 206: 435-448.  [PubMed – 19188498]


  • Modiano, J.F., L.D.S. Johnson, and D. Bellgrau. Negative regulators of homeostasis in naive peripheral T cells. Immunologic Research. 2008. 41:137-153. [PubMed – 18415030]