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Julian J. Lum, PhD

Peer-Reviewed Papers


  •  Townsend KH, West NR, Spowart J, Lum JJ, Markers of tumor vasculature and hypoxia impact T cell infiltration and function.  (in preparation).
  • Johnson L, Nesslinger N, Chima N, Richier L, Pai H, Ludgate C, Blood P, Nelson BH, Vlahacki M, Lum JJ, Autoantibodies induced by androgen deprivation therapy and external beam radiation therapy are associated with poor outcomes in prostate cancer. (submitted Clinical Cancer Research).

  • Townsend KN, Hughson LR, Schlie K, Poon VI, Westerback A, Lum JJ,Role of hypoxia-induced autophagy in T cell function. Immuno Rev. (accepted) [PubMed -22889222]

  • Spowart JE, Townsend KN, Huwait H, Angeliso M, Esraugh S, Ries J, Gilks B, Gorksi SM, Young R, Gelmon K, Watson PW, Nelson BN, Huntsman D, Lum JJ, Autophagy levels correlate with survival in clear cell ovarian cancer.  (Journal of Pathology in press) [PubMed -22926683]

  •  Gorski SM, Ries J, Lum JJ, Targeting autophagy: The Achilles’ heel of cancer.  Autophagy. 8:8. 2012. [PubMed - 22836583]
  • Hughson LR, Poon VI, Spowart JE, Lum JJ, Implications of Therapy-Induced Selective Autophagy on Tumor Metabolism and Survival.  Int J Cell Biol. 2012:872091 2012   [PubMed - 22550492]


  • Schlie K, Spowart JE, Hughson LR, Townsend KN, Lum JJ,  When cells suffocate:  Autophagy in cancer and immune cells under low oxygen.  Int J Cell Biol. 2011:470597 

     [PubMed - 22190938]

  • Matthews Q, Jirasek A, Lum JJ, Brolo AG. Biochemical signatures of in vitro radiation response in human lung, breast and prostate tumour cells observed with Raman spectroscopy. Phys Med Biol. 56:6839-55. 2011. [PubMed - 21971286]


  • Ma XH, Piao S, Wang D, Mcafee Q, Nathanson KL, Lum JJ, Lin LZ, Amaravadi RK, Measurements of tumor cell autophagy predict invasiveness, resistance to chemotherapy, and survival in melanoma. Clin Canc Res. 17:3478-89.  [PubMed - 21325076]

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  • Spowart J, Lum JJ. Opening a new DOR to autophagy.  EMBO Rep. 2010 Jan;11(1):4-5. [PubMed - 20033084]


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