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Parv Chapani

Honours Student



  • BSc., Biochemistry, University of Victoria,  Graduate 2015


Advisor: Dr. Brad Nelson


  • Tel:250-519-5716

  • Fax: 250-519-2040



Research Interests


The immune system plays a key role in clinical outcomes in cancer patients. In particular, the presence of organized intratumoral lymphocytes, tertiary lymphoid structures (TLS), has been associated with survival in breast, colorectal, and other human cancers. Our research aims to initiate the formation of  intratumoral TLS in a murine model of breast cancer through the use of oncolytic viruses expressing mCXCL13, a murine B lymphocyte chemoattractant involved in the establishment and organization of TLS. The overall goal of this research is to develop an immunotherapy that will initiate an increased immune response to cancer, thus enhancing the patients' ability to fight cancer.