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Matthew Noseworthy

Coop Student

Matthew Noseworthy Lab Photo


  • BSc. Biochemistry, University of Victoria, 2018



  •  Tel      250-519-5700
  • Email


 Research Interest

To date, there is virtually no information regarding the spatial distribution of tumor-reactive CD8+ T cells and their corresponding antigen-bearing tumor cells within the tumor microenvironment. The goal of my project is to localize tumor-reactive CD8+ T cells and antigen-bearing tumor cells within whole tumor sections. I will develop an in situ polymerase chain reaction (PCR) protocol to specifically amplify a DNA sequence encoding the T cell receptor (TCR) of the target tumor-reactive CD8+ T cells. Each T cell has a unique TCR, so the TCR-encoding DNA is a unique marker of each T cell. This protocol will be used directly on high grade serious ovarian cancer tissue sections, followed by chromogenic detection of the PCR-amplified DNA, allowing visualization of the tumor-reactive CD8+ T cells within the tumor. To localize the cognate antigen-bearing tumor cells, we will use standard immunohistochemistry on the same tumor section.