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Marisa Kilgour

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Graduate Student 

Education :
BSc. Honours, Biochemistry at the University of Ottawa 2017 Marisa Lab


Research Interests:


Cancer immunotherapy is a type of treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. These therapies rely on the ability of T cells (white blood cells important to the adaptive arm of the immune system) to eliminate the tumor but the tumor microenvironment is immunosuppressive, hindering T cell function. One mechanism of immunosuppression is the competition for resources between tumor cells and T cells. We hope to demonstrate how TIL and tumor cells in ovarian cancer patients compete for nutrients, and how this metabolic competition diminishes TIL activation and function, thus leading to cancer progression. A deeper understanding of the metabolic competition in ovarian cancer patients will provide gene editing targets to enhance T cell function and thus improve cancer immunotherapies.  

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