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Luke Neufeld

Undergraduate Student 

 Luke Neufeld

BSc. Biochemistry, University of Victoria, Graduation 2018
Tel: 250-519-5700


Research Interests: 

The presence of immune cells in tumors (collectively called tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, or “TIL”) is strongly associated with patient survival in most human cancers. Sometimes these immune responses are so strong they result in the formation of lymph node-like structures (called tertiary lymphoid structures, or TLS) in tumor tissue. Of particular interest is a subset of T cells called T follicular helper cells (Tfh), which play a critical role in orchestrating the formation of TLS and associated immune responses. Accordingly, the presence of Tfh cells within tumors also correlates strongly with patient survival. Adoptive Cell Transfer (ACT) is a personalized therapy which involves extracting T cells from tumors, followed by in vitro expansion and reinfusion. My project will investigate whether the use of Tfh cells in ACT leads to the formation of TLS within tumors. If so, this is expected to promote stronger anti-tumor immune responses, leading to better patient outcomes.