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Leah Nicholson

Research Co-op 

Leah Nicholson  Lab Photo


  • B.Sc., Microbiology, University of Victoria 2017


Research Interest

Raman Spectroscopy is an optical method which can be used to monitor biomolecular alterations in tumor cells post-radiation. My research project investigates the spatial distribution of tumor specific glycogen signatures, and its correlation to hypoxia using immunohistochemistry and Raman spectroscopy. Additionally, execution of an in vitro hypoxic cell culture experiment is necessary for identification of global glycogen increase in response to hypoxic environments. Further, I will be assessing the biochemical changes and effect of the tumor microenvironment/ heterogeneity of human breast cancer tissue in a murine model using Ramen spectroscopy. I will be working under the supervision of Samantha Harder in Dr. Lum’s lab.