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Jill Murray, PhD


Postdoctoral Fellow


Advisor: Dr. Peter Watson


Tel        250-519-5700
Fax       250-519-2040





Research Interests

I am excited to begin a fellowship in Dr. Peter Watson’s Lab at the Deeley Research Centre in Victoria.  My long-term goal is to become an independent breast cancer scientist leading my own research group.


Research into the pathways that lead to breast cancer can inspire future therapeutic strategies.  In the Watson Lab, we are studying S100A7, a protein whose levels are highly increased in preinvasive breast cancer.  S100A7 is associated with hard to treat breast tumors and poor prognosis.  S100A7 is also associated with inflammation and the immune response.  My current project aims at understanding whether the interaction between S100A7 and the immune response contributes to breast cancer progression. With a better understanding of S100A7 function we may be able to identify a novel pathway that can be targeted by new breast cancer therapies.


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