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Jennifer Kalina

Co-op/Honours Student Jennifer Kalina



  • BSc., Biochemistry, University of Victoria,  Graduate 2015



  • Tel:250-519-5737

  • Fax: 250-519-2040



Research Interests: 

Recent studies have identified a mutant fusion protein that is present in about half of all prostate cancers and has been implicated in aggressive disease; however, because this mutation is unique to prostate cancer, it presents as a potential antigenic target for immunotherapies such as adoptive cell transfer or vaccination. As part of the Radiation and Cancer Immunotherapy Theme (RCIT) project, our goal is to establish whether or not this fusion protein is capable of generating an immune response in prostate cancer patients in order to evaluate its candidacy for targeted immunotherapies. The information gained from this experiment will help to develop our understanding of immune responses to cancer-specific antigens, which may be applied to many different fields of cancer research.


As part of an on-going effort to develop personalized immunotherapies, the approach used in this project will also be applied to other fusion mutations identified in prostate cancer to assess their immune-stimulating potential.