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Xavier Pelletier High School Internship Program

The DRC is pleased to be able to offer high school programs geared towards Grade 11 students. These programs have been designed to offer high school students the opportunity to explore cancer research from the front lines and learn the latest techniques being used today in the fight against cancer. Students spend the summer between grade 11 and grade 12 at the Trev and Joyce Deeley Research Centre in the BC Cancer Agency. Schools that are eligible to apply, are schools located on Vancouver Island.

What are you doing with your summer? Join us for an exciting experience. 

This is what Michelle and Ashley did July - August 2017, this could be you. 

2017 HSIP Students 

 The High School Internship Program (HSIP) is an 8-week summer program that runs from July-August each summer. Students need to apply by March 1st of every year. All secondary schools on Vancouver Island are eligible to nominate (two) Grade 11 students. Interested students should contact the science department at their school to inquire about the school's internal process for determining the nominees.

 High school Internship Application Guidelines 2019
 High school Internship Application Form 2019 WD
 High school Internship Application Form 2019 PDF




 The next Cancer Education Retreat will be held  on April 27,2019

Previous HSIP Interns:

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Cancer Education Retreat

HSIP Retreat 2018

High School Internship Retreat Day Group photo:  April 14, 2018

Cancer Education Retreat is a day filled with educational seminars on cancer biology, how research impacts cancer treatments and the process of polymerase chain reaction. Students who apply to the HSIP are invited to attend this fun one-day session held in April of each year. Students are given samples to perform PCR (polymerase chain reaction). Once the results are obtained, the students determine the treatment options best suited to their patient by combining the patient's information and the PCR results.


Previous HSIP Retreat Day Groups:

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For more information about the high school programs, please contact Angela Lum, Research/High School Internship Administration, at 250.519.5700 or via email