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David Kroeger, PhD

David Kroeger

Postdoctoral Fellow



Tel       250-519-5706
Fax      250-519-2040




Research Interests


 Cells of the adaptive immune system have the capacity to recognize and destroy cancerous cells. However, in cases of disease progression, these cells fail to carry out this destruction, leading to tumor outgrowth. While tumor-endogenous mechanisms for escaping immune clearance are well-described, in some cases inappropriate immune regulation may also play a role in tumor escape. Currently, I am investigating the role of tumor-infiltrating B cells in mediating anti-cancer immune responses. While B cells are most well known for their capacity to differentiate into antibody-producing cells, they are also capable of presenting antigen to T cells and perhaps mediating interactions between them. Investigations into the nature of intra-tumoral antigen-mediated interactions between lymphocytes may shed further light on mechanisms of tumor escape and lead to strategies for personalized immunotherapy of cancer


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