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Darin A. Wick

Research Assistant III


EducationDarin 2014

  • Diploma (Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology), Camosun College, 2001


Tel 250-519-5700

Fax 250-519-2040


Research Interests

Primarily my research activities focus towards characterizing the cellular arm of the immune response with the goal of developing immune-based strategies to prevent, detect and treat cancer.


IROC Project (Immune Response to Ovarian Cancer)

  • Characterization of the T cell response in ovarian tumours and ovarian ascites to support our development of an adoptive immunotherapy program

Therapeutic cancer vaccines

  • We are optimizing various vaccine candidates in combination with adjuvants to stimulate and focus the immune system to target tumours.

Antigen discovery

  • Evaluating nitrotyrosine as a target antigen for directing cancer therapy

Combination Therapy

  • Evaluating the synergistic potential of adoptive T cell therapy when combined with vaccination


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