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Bronwyn Gibson-Wright

Research Assistant II

Bronwyn Gibson-Wright Lab Photo


  • BHSc. (Hons), Medical Laboratory Science, University of Ontario Institute of Technology 2012


  • Tel            250-519-5737
  • Email


Research Interest

Bronwyn works within the MCIC where she performs a variety of different histology procedures including tissue and cell microarray production, multicolor immunohistochemistry (mcIHC) and multicolor immunofluorescence (mcIF). This allows her and other researchers to microscopically observe the interactions between the tumour and the tissue microenvironment as well as at the characteristics of the tumour itself. Bronwyn’s main focus involves working with a multidisciplinary research group studying ovarian cancer outcomes (MOCOG). Her role in this project includes performing mcIHC and mcIF staining as well as microscopically analysing how the immune system is involved within each patient’s tumour. The overall goal of this study will be to aid in the improvement of ovarian cancer treatments including immunotherapy.