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Katy Milne


Katy Milne Lab Photo


Research Assistant III


B.Sc. (Microbiology), University of Victoria, 2000


Tel       250-519-5706
Fax      250-519-2040


Research Interests

  • Role of the immune system and its response to tumours

Katy joined the Trev & Joyce Deeley Research Centre in May 2003 as the first Research Assistant giving her the unique opportunity to be a part of the initial start-up phase of the DRC. Katy´s research focuses on understanding how the immune system responds to tumours as they develop, grow and spread. Most recently she has been focused on examining tumour-infiltrating immune cells in ovarian cancer as part of the DRC­ wide Immune Response to Ovarian Cancer (IROC) project. Katy also works in collaboration with a number of other research groups by performing a variety of histology services including tissue and cell microarray production, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence. This allows researchers to take a close look at the interactions between the tumour and the microenvironment and at the characteristics of the tumour itself. In addition to her research role, she is the Safety Officer for the research lab and as the DRC Intern Coordinator, is responsible for recruiting and assigning undergrad intern positions at the Trev and Joyce Deeley Research Centre.