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Tim Lee

Senior Scientist

 T Lee

Telephone: 604-675-8053
Fax: 604-675-8180
675 W 10th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5Z 1L3


Research Roles:



  • PhD (Computing Science), Simon Fraser University, 2001
  • MSc (Computer Science), University of British Columbia, 1983
  • BSc (Computer Science and Mathematics), University of British Columbia, 1980


Research Interests:

  • Computing
  • Early Cancer Detection
  • Epidemiologic Research on Skin Cancer

My research interests intercept the areas of computing, skin and cancer. Specifically, I work on early skin cancer detection and epidemiologic research on skin cancer.

Early cancer detection: My interest focuses on disease detection and follow-up. Collaborating with Harvey Lui, David McLean, Lioudmila Tchvialeva and Haishan Zeng, I am conducting a project to design a hand-held imaging device, which combines laser speckle imaging and colour reflectance imaging, for differentiating malignant melanoma from other skin conditions. We are going to test the effectiveness of the device on a large group of skin patients in clinical settings. I am also developing new computer algorithms, based on computer vision techniques, for digital images of pigmented skin lesions. These computer algorithms facilitate disease detection and follow-up.

Epidemiologic studies: Working with Richard Gallagher, I am currently investigating the relationship between physical activities, vitamin D and skin cancer. I am also developing computer tools to streamline the data collection phase of epidemiologic studies. For example, in the project 'Automatic Mole Counting From Images,' I collaborate with  Stella Atkins on automation of nevus counting, which is required by many epidemiologic studies of malignant melanoma. In addition, I am interested in using computer aided telephone interview (CATI) system to collect interview data and using Internet to collect data for multi-centre studies.