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Page Dr. Susan O'Reilly, MD
Page Dr. Aly Karsan
Page Dr. Marianne Sadar
Page Dr. Angela Brooks-Wilson
Page Dr. Gregg Morin
Page Dr. Marco Marra
Page Dr. Steven Jones
Page Dr. Sharon M. Gorski
Page Dr. Isabella T. Tai
Page Dr. Robert Holt
Folder Faculty
Senior staff members working at Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre
Folder images
Link Interdisciplinary Oncology Program
A graduate program in cancer research
Page Facebook is blocked
Folder images
Department Experimental Therapeutics
Multi-disciplinary translational research programs focused on the identification and development of new therapeutic strategies
Page Office of Research Facilitation
Helping the research effort excel
Folder About...
Folder Departments & Programs
Page Shevaun Hughes
Graduate Student
Department Library
Supporting scientists, clinicians and the public with access to the latest research, databases and search assistance
Department Genome Sciences Centre
Genomics and bioinformatics research
Page Carolyn J. Brown
Page Wan L. Lam
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