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Department Investigational Drug Program
Department Technology Development Office (TDO)
The TDO works very closely with researchers to take promising inventions or discoveries to market. TDO also manages the relationship between scientists, clinicians and industry partners to promote relationships and to explore opportunities for translating discoveries into innovations. As a result of these internal and external demands, the TDO operates under the following guiding principles. - Transfer technology from researchers to the clinic - Work within a framework of fairness and equity for scientists, clinicians and external partners - Ensure that technology transfer does not inhibit basic science and the scientific process - Function as a networking resource connecting industry with the research and technology expertise of the BCCA
Link Please Visit the Technology Development Office Website for Further Information
Department PREDICT
A population-scale biobank of blood samples obtained prior to therapy to support research into improving cancer treatment
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Page Bruce Woolcock
Page Dr. Angela Brooks-Wilson, Ph.D.
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Page Dr. William Jia, Ph.D
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Page Clinician Scientists
Folder Clinician Scientists
Page Ivy Tsui
Graduate Student
Page Miwa Suzuki
Research Technician, Coordinator of Array Laboratory
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