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Page Stephen Choi
Graduate Student
Page Iris Luk
Graduate Student
Page Blank
Folder Bio
Page Bradley P. Coe, PhD
Graduate Student Alumni & Research Associate (Currently postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Evan Eichler)
Folder Research / Laboratory/ Technical Stafff
Page Maryam Osooly
Page Chad Malloff, BSc, MSc
Coordinator of Laboratory Operations, Safety Officer
Page Ewan Gibb, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Folder Alumni
Page Dr. Hui Xue, MD, Ph.D
Research and Laboratory Technician
Folder Personnel
Page Jamil Manji
Graduate Student
Page Sara Maclellan
Graduate Student
Page James Lawson
Summer Student
Page Angie Chu
Research Technician (BCCRC + UBC Div. of Otolaryngology: Temporal Bone Lab)
Page Policies and Procedures
Page Rajan Saini, MDS, PhD
Post-doctoral Fellow
Page Raj Chari, PhD
Current position: Postdoctoral fellow in the George Church lab, Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
Page Gene-Environment Interactions in Cancer
GENIC Program
Folder Imaging Unit
(Formerly Cancer Imaging Department)
Department Cancer Control Research
Conducting research on etiology, prevention, early detection, consequences of treatment, and health services, economics and policy.
Page BC Cancer Foundation
Folder Donate
Page Rebecca Towle
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