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Page Emily A. Vucic, PhD
Post-doctoral research associate
Page Emma Conway
Masters Student
Page Catherine Poh
Page Lymphoid Cancer Research
Department of Lymphoid Cancer Research at the British Columbia Cancer Research Centre.
Page Katy Milne
Page Alex Miranda Rodriguez, Ph D
Page Siao Yong
Page Bronwyn Gibson-Wright
Page Julie Nielsen, PhD
Page Matthew Noseworthy
Page Eunice Kwok
Page Leah Nicholson
Department ​Lymphoid Cancer Research
News Item 2015 Research Report
In 2015, a BC Cancer Agency-designed prostate cancer drug entered clinical trials. Our scientists developed a new method for single cell sequencing. Our world-leading Personalized Onco-Genomics program enrolled more than 260 new patients. And much more.
Page Wan Lam Lab
Page Jennifer Kennett
Graduate Student
Page Yuzhuo Wang, Ph.D
Distinguished Scientist
Folder Staff Scientists
Page Kerry Savage
Page Magali Coustalin
Page Jennifer Baker PhD
Page Alastair Kyle
Radiation Biology Unit - Department of Integrative Oncology
Page Adele Telenius
Page Eunice Rousseau
Page Elizabeth C Halvorsen
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