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Page Dr. Dong Lin, MD, PhD
Staff Scientist
Page Hongwei Cheng, MD, Ph.D
Staff Scientist
Page Associate Members
Page Dr. Donald Yapp, Ph.D
Research Scientist
Folder Principal Investigators
Page Dr. Marcel Bally, PhD
Department Head and Distinguished Scientist
Page Roger Gilabert-Oriol, Ph.D
Postdoctoral Fellow
Page Gemma Ryan, Ph.D
Postdoctoral Fellow
Page Mohamed Wehbe
Graduate Student
Page Jessica Kalra, Ph.D
Staff Scientist
Page Kent Chen
Research Intern
Page Jenna Rawji
Folder Trainees
Page Dr. Janessa Laskin, MD
Senior Scientist
Page Dr. Richard Klasa, MD
Senior Scientist
Page Dr. Kim N. Chi, MD
Senior Scientist
Page Dr. Karen Gelmon, MD
Page Research Associates
Page Malathi Anantha
Page Dr. Emma (Tomlinson) Guns, Ph.D
Page Dr. Judy Wong, Ph.D
Associate Member
Page Dr. William Jia, Ph.D
Page Marcel Bally, Ph.D
Page Postdoctoral Fellow/Graduate Student/Staff Alumni
Page Dr. Donald Yapp, PhD
Research Scientist
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