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Page Dr. William Jia, Ph.D
Page Marcel Bally, Ph.D
Page Postdoctoral Fellow/Graduate Student/Staff Alumni
Page Dr. Donald Yapp, PhD
Research Scientist
Page Yuwei Wang
Page Victor Martinez, PhD
Page Dr. Robert J. Kay, PhD
Page Dr. Donna Hogge, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Page Dr. Dixie Mager, PhD
Page Personnel
Page CLC Newsletter
The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a brief summary of the projects underway throughout our Centre for Lymphoid Cancer program, the people that work on them, and useful information on upcoming events.
Page Jenna Collier
Page Dr. Xiaoyan Jiang, MD, PhD
Page Anitpal Dhadwal
Page Marjorie Sigurdson
Page Emily A. Vucic, PhD
Post-doctoral research associate
Page Emma Conway
Masters Student
Page Daiana Becker-Santos
Page Catherine Poh
Page Lymphoid Cancer Research
Department of Lymphoid Cancer Research at the British Columbia Cancer Research Centre.
Page Katy Milne
Page Alex Miranda Rodriguez, Ph D
Page Siao Yong
Page Bronwyn Gibson-Wright
Page Julie Nielsen, PhD
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