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Page Wan L. Lam, PhD
Distinguished Scientist - Genetics Unit, Integrative Oncology
Page Erin Marshall
Graduate Student
Page Adam Sage
Graduate Student
Page Brenda de Carvalho Minatel
Graduate Student
Page Kevin Ng
Page Christine Anderson
Page Katey Enfield
PhD candidate
Page Jhon Ralph Enterina
Graduate Student
Page Simon Dee
Information Technology Project Manager
Page Tumour Tissue Repository
Page Sonia H.Y. Kung
Graduate Student
Page Stephen Lam, MD
Page Dedicated to the Management of Cancer through Early Detection
Page Staff and trainees
Page May Zhang
Research Technician
Page William Lockwood, Ph.D.
Scientist - Genetics Unit, Integrative Oncology
Page Spencer D. Martin, PhD.
Visiting Scientist
Page Donald Yapp, Ph.D
Page Hong Yan, MD
Folder Images
Page Terry Fox Laboratory Faculty
Page Dr. Peter M. Lansdorp, MD, PhD
Page Dr. Gerry Krystal, PhD
Page Brennan Wadsworth
Page Stuart Peacock
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